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An emergency loan despite Credit bureau entry is generally not available from a German bank or savings bank, but only from a foreign bank or from a private lender. Many German banks can issue an emergency loan, but this loan is not an emergency loan despite Credit bureau entry. Obtaining Credit bureau information is almost always mandatory if you apply for a loan in Germany and if the lender is a German bank. The situation is different if the loan comes from abroad or from a private individual. Credit bureau information is only rarely required here and Credit bureau information is generally not requested from a foreign bank. Further illustration at

Credit comparison

Credit comparison

Many people who urgently need money, for example because they want to bridge a temporary financial bottleneck or finance consumer goods, are looking for an emergency loan. The most important characteristic of an urgent loan is that there are often only a few hours or a few days between the loan application and the loan approval. In many cases, a loan approval can be given within a few minutes.

Despite numerous advantages, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons of borrowing. It is also very important not to make a hasty decision. The offers for a rush credit despite Credit bureau entry are very diverse. They differ both in terms of loan amounts and in terms of interest or other characteristics that make up a loan. This is a decisive reason why you should first carry out a loan comparison and only then should you apply for an express loan despite a Credit bureau entry.

A rush credit from a foreign lender is very popular with many Germans. This applies above all to a Swiss loan, but for some time now it has not been granted directly in Switzerland but in Liechtenstein. best credit company is responsible for this. Anyone who is domiciled in Germany and who is interested in an express credit despite Credit bureau entry can turn there. best credit company grants loans with a total amount of 3500 USD, 5000 USD or 7500 USD. The advantage here is that Credit bureau information is never requested. However, a regular income is all the more important and must be available.

If you prefer a personal loan rather than a bank loan, you can also find it online. The same applies if you want to contact a private credit broker. There is a large selection of very different credit intermediaries. However, not all credit brokers are reputable, so you should pay special attention when choosing a suitable credit broker.

Loan terms

Loan terms

Foreign lenders require a secure income that is above the garnishment-free limit. At best credit company from Liechtenstein, the principle applies that the minimum monthly income for a single person without maintenance obligations should be approximately USD 80 above the currently free seizure limit. This money is needed to repay the monthly loan installments.

As a rule, only employees or civil servants have a chance of obtaining an express credit despite Credit bureau entry. A loan to the self-employed, freelancers, trainees, students or other persons with insufficient or missing or fluctuating income is not granted. Different statements are dubious and do not correspond to the truth. Anyone who belongs to one of these groups of people should not give up hope of a loan prematurely, but should contact a private credit broker. He can often help in difficult cases.

If the borrower’s requirements are not sufficient, it can be helpful in many cases to name a guarantor or a second applicant. However, this person must meet all the credit requirements and be able to stand up for the monthly repayment installments at any time if the borrower can no longer do so temporarily or permanently.
If necessary, additional collateral can be provided for a loan. It is best to discuss the collateral with the responsible bank.

Application for a loan, approval and payment

Application for a loan, approval and payment

You usually have to submit a loan application in writing. The lender then decides within a short time whether he can approve the application or has to reject it due to insufficient conditions. The borrower receives a message promptly about a decision in this regard. If the decision is positive, the money is either transferred to a current account of your choice or paid out in cash. Many banks offer either delivery by courier or payment by postal order.

For private lenders, the procedure can differ more or less significantly from the procedure for a bank loan. If the loan is taken out with a person from your own circle of friends, in many cases verbal agreements are made about the payment and repayment of the loan. Nevertheless, it may be advisable to write down the most important points regarding borrowing and repayment.

Repayment of the loan

Repayment of the loan

A rush credit despite Credit bureau entry, like any other loan, must be repaid in installments. How long the term is and how high the loan installments and the interest are is fixed in the loan agreement. This loan agreement must be signed by both the lender and the borrower.

Some banks grant their customers a break in payment for several weeks or possibly even several months after the loan has been paid out. In other cases, repayment begins a few days or a few weeks after the payment. The amount of the monthly repayment rates usually does not change during the term. However, the closing rate may vary. Each monthly repayment installment consists of a repayment amount and the interest.

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Where can you pay the payday loan in installments? Fri, 20 Mar 2020 06:33:12 +0000 Many people wonder how to pay off debts without falling into a spiral of debt. Of course, it is not easy to pay off a large liability in the short term without borrowing more money. However, you can consider another option, which is dividing payday pay into installments.

It is now easy and quick to get a loan online, but you must pay back every commitment on time. Otherwise, you have to take into account many consequences. When there are too many, there is a problem with repayment.

Application for payment in installments – what does it look like in practice?

Application for payment in installments - what does it look like in practice?

We do not know the day or the hour when we may find ourselves in a bar situation with many loans to pay back. If we know that we will not be able to pay the debt on time, do not hesitate, but submit an application for payment of the payday loan in installments as soon as possible.

In this way, you can protect yourself from much larger problems, and not just financial ones. Many parabanks allow customers to extend the payday pay, usually for an additional fee. It is very easy to fall into the debt loop if you take out more loans to pay back the previous ones.

Just write a request to divide the payday payday installments, with true and factual justification. It is worth to attach to the application a document confirming the unfavorable financial situation that prevents timely repayment of the liability.

How can you pay off debts? Breaking the payday loan into installments

How can you pay off debts? Breaking the payday loan into installments

If the client is willing to pay the debt, but for some reason is unable to do so in a timely manner, most lenders agree to pay the installment payday. It is important to have any funds to settle the commitment to ensure the lender has repaid the remainder of the debt.

The application for payment in installments should include: place and date of submission of the application, client’s personal data, loan number, outstanding amount of debt, reasoned request for payment of the debt in installments, proposal of dividing the payday loan into installments (number / maximum amount of monthly installments) ), a request for positive consideration of the application and the borrower’s signature.

The question arises as to which non-bank institutions allow dividing payday payments into installments. Contrary to appearances, the selection of loan companies is relatively large and seems to be growing every year.

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10 Questions You Should Ask Before You Take A Business Loan Mon, 24 Feb 2020 08:22:42 +0000

As with most major decisions, there are things to keep in mind. If you are going to buy a new car, you need to know what the car’s fuel consumption, insurance cost and other costs are before you buy it. It’s the same with corporate loans. There are many differences between lenders and things to consider before taking out a business loan.


1. Is the application or quote binding?

business loans

Do not get locked out and deceived by an application or because you ask for a quote. Always ask if it is binding to apply or ask for a quote for a corporate loan.


2. Does a UC take you as a private individual?

It is no wonder that banks and lenders must take out credit information. It is rather a sign of health. On the other hand, be sure to keep apart your private finances and your company’s finances. Therefore, it is good that there are credit reports that focus only on the company and some that only take a credit report that is visible between you and the person who has ordered a statement. It is therefore not visible to everyone. Creditsafe is such a credit report.


3. Is there any setup fee or startup fee?

business loans

Be careful to see if there are any set-up fees or start-up fees to take into account when you start to calculate the cost of the corporate loan. The monthly interest rate or fee may be considered low, but if the setup fee is in the thousands of USD (which it may be in some cases), then the total cost can be very high.


4. Is there a portal such as “My Pages”?

It may be good to have a login to some form of “My Pages” to keep track of your loan with payments and other things. You may need to raise your loan or somehow change your payment plan? Then it is easiest to do so in the logged in mode.


5. How accessible is the lender?

credit loan

Being an entrepreneur is living a special lifestyle. You usually never relax from job mode, but breathe and live your job. Therefore, you expect your partners and suppliers to do so as well. At MoneyAccess Finance we want to be there for you and that is why we have telephone hours at. 07: 00-17: 30 (Mon-Fri) and respond to emails and messages in social media as soon as we can, even outside telephone hours.


6. Are fees deducted directly from your desired loan amount?

How does it work, do you think? In fact, there are banks and lenders that are charged a form of setup fee directly on the amount for which you have been approved. For example, if you have applied and been approved for USD 100,000, these lenders can deduct for example USD 2,000 and only pay out USD 98,000 to your account. Snoopet, huh?


7. Do they apply a fixed loan period?

fixed loan period?

Many small businesses only need a temporary supply of money for a shorter period. Maybe even just a month or two. Make it clear to you how long you may need the money and how quickly you can repay the loan. Then you can compare lenders and see how expensive it can be to be locked into a fixed loan period. Some have the same for all customers and loans, eg 4 months. Others want half of the original loan period to have expired before you can repay. At MoneyAccess Finance you can repay your loan in advance at no extra cost. So you only pay for the time you use the loan.


8. Do they have a complicated process?

At banks, long and complicated processes are common. Often it requires some kind of physical meeting with a banker. This takes time. Time you don’t have as a small business owner. Some also require you to attach and display unnecessarily much information. Apply online to save time and do what you do best – run your business.


9. When is the money paid?

money loan

Do not expect to have the money the same or the next day if you apply for business loans from a traditional bank. Some have, as I said, long and complicated processes before you even get approved for a loan. Thereafter, a long wait to have their loan paid off can take over. If you have an urgent need, you should look for those who can pay the money the same day. Maybe some tool, machine or equipment has broken that you have to buy to keep working and making money?

10. Is there a charge even if you do not use the credit?

Some lenders charge a monthly fee, whether you use the credit or not. The fee may vary from lender to lender and case by case. An average fee for a small company is a few hundred kronor, which may not seem like much, but it is a lot of money to pay for nothing …


Corporate loans in an easier way

Corporate loans in an easier way

At MoneyAccess Finance, we want to make it so fast, safe and easy for you to apply for a business loan. We have peeled away everything called setup fees, binding times and hidden costs in order to focus only on a fixed monthly fee. We have done this to ensure that you as a small business owner always know exactly how much to pay each month. Once you have increased your income, you can repay the loan early, at no extra cost.

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What is the difference between a loan and a loan? Sun, 16 Feb 2020 08:59:28 +0000

The main difference between credit and loan is that credit is an umbrella term for money bonds. They are used to raise debt. Loan contracts, on the other hand, is a sub-form of loans.

A loan is usually a money loan with a higher amount and a longer-term. The situation is very different from current account credits. They are often only short-term and are taken into bank accounts almost every day. The term is therefore crucial for a loan or loan.

A distinction is made between long, medium and short-term loans. A short-term loan must be repaid within one year. The repayment of a medium-term loan between one and four years and long-term loans can have a repayment period of more than four years.

What is a loan?


Loans involve lending money. For this purpose, certain conditions are agreed between the lender and the borrower. Typically, two parties are involved in a loan. This is the creditor and debtor.

The creditor lends the money. In many cases, this is a bank. The counterparty is the debtor who borrows the money. The debtor is a company, a bank or a private individual.

With a loan agreement, not only the amount of the loan is determined, but also the amount of the monthly installments and the term. Creditors do not lend money without their own benefit. Since it is usually a profit-oriented company, interest is charged to the debtor.

The amount of interest depends on the creditworthiness of the debtor and the term of the loan. Interest is not, however, mandatory. In addition, processing fees apply to many banks. However, loans are possible through a kind of in-kind contribution.

This means that a loan is also possible by providing reasonable things. The most important characteristic of a loan is that the debtor does not have to return the payment immediately, but is only due within a specified period. When making use of the debtor undertakes to transfer them back or repay them including interest.

Checklist of advantages and disadvantages of a loan



  • Borrowers are liquid in the short term
  • The financial feasibility of important purchase projects is guaranteed
  • Claims for discounts and rebates can be made in cash
  • Loans can be used to replace expensive overdraft loans or expensive loan contracts (debt rescheduling)
  • Improvement of equity
  • Monthly burdens can be reduced by the new financing


  • Monthly repayment rate must be applied to monthly expenses
  • Commitment to a permanent financial partner
  • Risk of over-indebtedness
  • Often the value of the object of purchase is lower after the loan has been paid off
  • Wrong assessment of the current, own financial situation
  • Risk of debt trap if monthly income ceases

Law of obligations


In the case of a loan agreement, the legal basis in Austria was regulated. It is a contract that is concluded between the borrower and the lender in the sense of the law of obligations. The lender gives the borrower a thing or money for a limited period of time. All obligations of both parties are regulated by law in Austria.

Through the contract, the lender undertakes to pay the agreed amount in full to the borrower. For this, he receives interest from the borrower. This is not mandatory in Austria.

Austrian law stipulates that a loan agreement is a consensual agreement. The contracts are divided into repayment loans, annuity loans, and maturity loans. Installment loans are also known as repayment loans in Austria.

With this type of loan, a fixed, constant amount over the agreed term is repaid to the lender by the borrower. In addition, interest is charged, which mostly becomes lower at the end of the term due to the fact that the remaining debt is getting smaller.

A due loan is a fixed loan or a maturity type. With this loan variant, the entire term remains the same over the amount of interest. The repayment is made in one sum at the end of the term. For this reason, the repayment type is known as the final loan type.

Checklist of advantages and disadvantages of a loan


  • Low monthly charge on maturity loans
  • Only the interest has to be paid back
  • With real estate financing, the loan is equivalent to a profit
  • With forward loans, today’s interest is due later
  • Planning security over many years


  • Conditions are not always an acute help when the loan contract is too expensive
  • Often there are additional costs that have to be considered
  • Banks do not always offer a suitable loan contract
  • Maturity loans are only possible if a fixed savings balance is available as a repayment replacement

Who is a loan suitable for?

Who is a loan suitable for?

Fast loans are well suited for all people in Austria who need fast money. Unlike an annuity loan, a long-term credit check process is not necessary, including a credit check.

Therefore, a quick loan can be approved and paid out pretty soon. With some providers, the desired loan amount is in their own bank account within a few hours.

An installment loan can also be very useful for many people. With an installment loan, a creditworthiness check is usually necessary before the contract is signed. Such a credit line is freely available after the payment. The removable residual debt minimizes the interest burden.

Who is a loan suitable for?

Who is a loan suitable for?

Employee or civil servant loans are only available to a specific group. The latter can only be obtained if the borrower works in the public service. A borrower should find out in advance about the payment of the money until the loan is repaid or repaid in full.

For self-employed people, doctors or lawyers in Austria, variable loan types are best suited. Home savings loans, on the other hand, are the best choice for singles, academics, families, and buyers up to 45 years of age. Annuity loans or forward loans are perfect for young families up to the age of 45 who have no equity capital or only have a low income.

Conclusion for loans and loans in Austria

Flexible repayments, terms or the requirements for the approval of funds are important criteria that play a major role in a loan or credit agreement.

Many loans or loan contracts can now be selected flexibly. This is mainly because the Austrian market is so big. Thus, borrowers can choose exactly the loan or loan variants such as annuity loan, installment loan, quick loan, overdraft loan or forward loan contracts that are best suited to their own needs.

The purpose of use and your own financial position play a major role here.

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Loans without Credit Bureau and upfront costs Mon, 10 Feb 2020 08:20:30 +0000

Many online finance offers promise a loan even if other banks have already rejected the loan application. The reasons for a rejection mostly lie in the creditworthiness. But why do other banks advertise with a loan despite bad Credit Bureau and thus bad creditworthiness despite all of this? How good and how safe are such loans? And where can you find them?

The Internet is a gathering point for many providers

The Internet is a gathering point for many providers

As is so often the case with such offers, the answer to these questions can be found above all on the Internet. Because here mainly loans without Credit Bureau and upfront costs are offered and advertised in this context. Often it is credit intermediaries who draw attention to themselves through targeted advertising and thus appeal to the clientele that other banks have no chance of a loan.

The mediation then usually takes place to private donors who provide the financial means when there is sufficient security. Since the credit rating is not given as security, it must be obtained from other sources. Here, a guarantor or a second liquid borrower who has a high income and can secure the loans without Credit Bureau and preliminary costs is usually required.

In addition, the first borrower must be able to offer collateral in the form of valuables or real estate. However, these guarantees are always based on the amount of the loan and the length of the loan. With a small loan amount, these components are correspondingly smaller than with a large loan amount.

Another security offers the providers an increased interest rate.

Another security offers the providers an increased interest rate.

This is usually well over 10% and thus ensures that loans without Credit Bureau and upfront costs ultimately result in good money for the donor. A prepayment or processing fee is not uncommon in this context and is often requested by the borrower.

If you want to avoid this, you have to look very closely at whom you sign a loan agreement with. It is good if you can see exactly what additional costs will arise in advance. The more transparent the loan agreement is, the better it is for the borrower, since he doesn’t have to be afraid of hidden costs.

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Where can I get the cheapest loan? Thu, 16 Jan 2020 08:44:01 +0000

The Swiss credit market is overcrowded these days and there are more offers than ever. Finding the cheapest loan offer is therefore not easy.

Many banks and financial institutions advertise with low interest rates. In most cases, consumers receive an expensive offer when applying for a loan.

Due to the constantly changing prices and laws, it is practically impossible for consumers to get an overview on their own. What many do not know is that wages no longer play a major role in the loan offer, but rather the overall credit rating is assessed.

The interest rate alone does not make up the offer, because there are credit providers who offer good interest rates, but the service is not right and customers are even charged a hotline plus waiting time.

Achieving a good credit rating with the banks is certainly the first step to the cheapest loan offer.

The following points are taken into account in a credit rating check:

– Length of stay in the country

– Type of income: Permanent, temporary, hourly wages,  self-employed , pensioners

– Period of employment

– Wages

– Tenant or owner

– Budget

– Debt collection information

– Credit information : Payment behavior of older or existing loans

– Number of rejected and open loan requests

Avoid rejections

Avoid rejections

As listed, rejected credit requests can worsen creditworthiness and, in the worst case, even lead to rejection of the credit request.

The prerequisites for lending differ among companies. The banks strictly adhere to your regulations. It is therefore counterproductive to submit a loan request to a bank where the requirements are not met. The banks do not openly communicate what requirements have to be met for a credit request.

To get the cheapest loan, it is best to contact a loan expert because they are familiar with the credit points of the banks and are always up to date in the credit market.

With our credit inquiry , you can request a free consultation. Credit experts benefit. Even when an existing loan, a credit counseling is worthwhile because a credit repayment at any time.

Loans from abroad

Loans from abroad

In the country, a loan with a foreign domicile is only possible if you have a G residence permit and have been working in the country continuously for at least three years. For a serious loan offer, we therefore recommend only contacting domestic providers. A comprehensive credit comparison is offered by for citizens of country . The offers are up to date and you can easily find the best loan offer.

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Credit for 30,000 USD – What are the requirements? Thu, 16 Jan 2020 08:25:45 +0000


A loan is often taken out so that the financial situation can improve or larger purchases can be made. A loan for 30,000 dollars can allow consumers to finance a car or pay important bills. But it can also finance a condominium or a luxury trip. The available credit offers should be compared because they can fluctuate widely.

Approval of the loan – requirements

Approval of the loan - requirements

The borrower must have different requirements in order to apply for a loan for 30,000 dollars. The applicant must be of legal age and must not have reached retirement age. The younger the applicant, the easier it will be to apply for this loan. As a rule, pensioners do not receive such a high loan because the repayment can no longer be guaranteed due to their age. The Credit Bureau file must be flawless, because the loan creates a lot of debt.

If there is already debt, the borrower can go into debt and will no longer be able to pay off the installments. A loan is always rejected if the credit rating is poor and there are doubts that the installments can be paid. The salary must be transferred regularly, which must reach a limit that is attachable.

How can creditworthiness be increased?

How can creditworthiness be increased?

If the creditworthiness is poor, the borrower can increase it by holding collateral. Those who have collateral will often get a loan for 30,000 dollars. If it is a financing for a property of a vehicle, the bank can be registered as a creditor in the land register or in the vehicle registration document.

The collateral provided will switch to the bank as soon as the installments can no longer be serviced. It would be advisable to take a guarantee rather than security. Here, a person who is solvent must pay for the loan installments if the borrower can no longer do it himself.

This is safer and guarantees that no home or vehicle is lost. With a loan for 30,000 dollars, residual debt insurance is also worthwhile. This can be concluded with the loan and secures it. As soon as the borrower loses his job due to illness or bankruptcy, the insurance takes over the installment of the loan.

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Loans despite bankruptcy. Thu, 09 Jan 2020 08:49:13 +0000

Loans despite bankruptcy are basically a double-edged sword. There are credit options, but their use is subject to strict legal requirements. In the case of personal bankruptcy, the creditors affected by the bankruptcy proceedings can also cause problems.

Loans despite bankruptcy – a difficult starting point

Loans despite bankruptcy - a difficult starting point

The starting point for actually granting loans despite bankruptcy is extremely bad. Being insolvent means nothing other than being insolvent. Only the need for life is attachable. In personal bankruptcy, any income beyond the unencumberable portion must be passed on to the administrator. The administrator divides it among the creditors. In addition, all attachable property and rights have been included in the bankruptcy estate. Collateral for a loan can therefore no longer be offered.

The negative private credit checker entry of the current bankruptcy finally ends all credit opportunities with the usual loan providers. This excludes loans from the house bank as well as a loan from the mail order business.

The last remaining chance of a bank loan would be a loan without private credit checker, but even with the risk loans, the providers refrain as soon as they become aware of the bankruptcy. Nevertheless, nobody can keep the private insolvency proceedings secret. The bankruptcy must be promptly communicated to any potential lender. Only if the loan comes about under this sign is it legal. If the information is suppressed, even if it was not asked for in the application, it is a matter of credit fraud.

Credit risks in the course of personal bankruptcy

Credit risks in the course of personal bankruptcy

A reputable credit provider who has been properly informed about the ongoing personal insolvency proceedings will hardly be able to grant a larger loan amount. Offers for loans in spite of bankruptcy, which are beyond the scope of a microcredit, should be examined in particular. It is probably a dubious provider. If advance payment is required or the service provider expects the current account to be transferred to another provider, caution is advised.

Offers to improve credit opportunities through savings contracts, insurance or credit card contracts are usually dubious. The agent receives an agency fee for the new customer. Thanks to the additional payment obligation, the hoped-for loan moves a little further away. A requested advance payment for the performance of the agent is proof of an unfair offer. Reputable credit brokers only receive a performance fee.

Remaining credit opportunities with bankruptcy

Remaining credit opportunities with bankruptcy

It would be conceivable to get a personal loan. The credit attempt in one of the two market-leading portals costs around USD 10. If a loan is actually approved, the repayment must under no circumstances go wrong. If a creditor of the insolvency proceedings gets “wind” before the debt relief, he can refuse to give his consent.

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Free to rent, with car rental without credit card Tue, 31 Dec 2019 08:50:55 +0000

Anyone who has tried to rent a car in the past knows that the most important document, in addition to a driving license, is a credit card. In addition to the payment, in fact, the credit card is necessary to guarantee the car that is rented, using it to authorize the security deposit. Not all, for various reasons, have a credit card and therefore car rental is foreclosed for them? This is no longer true thanks to partners. In fact, many rental companies now allow car rentals without a credit card, also using prepaid cards or debit cards registered in the Visa or Mastercard circuits. Let’s find out how it’s done.


Car rental in Italy with prepaid card

Car loan

At the moment only allowed in Italy, car rental without credit card, therefore using prepaid card, is possible in the main airports and railway stations. The necessary condition to be able to rent in this way is to have an air ticket or a train to leave from the place where the car is returned. It is also necessary, at least for the train ticket, that it is for a location outside the region of return of the car. The rates of the car rental with prepaid card are higher. In addition to the cost of the rental, then it will be necessary to leave a deposit (about 300-600 dollars depending on the car) which will then be refunded at the end of the rental.This is because, since there is no credit card guarantee, a cover is then added, which cancels (or reduces) the damage and theft deductibles.


Car rental in Italy and some foreign countries with Visa or Mastercard debit card

Car rental in Italy and some foreign countries with Visa or Mastercard debit card

In addition to the prepaid card, with it is also possible to rent cars with Visa or Mastercard debit cards, which necessarily also bear the wording DEBIT. These cards are what are gradually replacing what in Italy are known as ATMs, or debit cards from the Agree Bank or Maestro circuits. Some companies in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and Romania accept this method of payment as if it were a credit card. In these cases there is no obligation to purchase additional insurance and the rental rules are in all respects like those of the traditional rental with credit card.

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